Oia84702, Santorini,
Cyclades Islands, Greece

Tel. +30 22860 72246
Fax: +30 22860 72290

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Fax +30 210 7297269
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2700 Οia's View, designed by Emmanouil Vasilakis, architect and co-owner of the property, offers the experience of feeling like home while travelling, surrounded only by land, sky and sea.

Named after the 270 degrees panoramic view that the 4 major villas offer and the magnificent view of Oia and the sunset that someone enjoys from the 3 cavehouse villas, 2700 Οia's View was constructed, with extreme respect to the natural landscape and the well known Santorinian traditional bioclimatic architecture. Through the use of natural materials and bright colours, the 7 villas blend effortlessly with the unique scenery of Santorini.

At 2700 Οia's View, the indoor minimal aesthetic of Cycladic white and the carefuly landscaped verandas dominated by the element of the water reflecting the mediterranean sun, emphasize the values of space and privacy. For us that is the heart and soul of a travelling experience.

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